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Corporate Event Photography
Conference Photography,
Media Walls & Red Carpet,
Gala Events, AGM’S,
Charity Ball’s & Award Nights
Expo Photography.


With decades of experience as a professional photographer
Anthony and his team will take images that showcase all of your hard work.
We appreciate that as an event manager you have to supply your client with a photographic record of the event.
You also need a dozen hero shots to entice attendees for the following year.
Let Homepix Event Photography get the images you need.

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Professional Portrait Photography

Corporate event photographer, how many are needed ?.

Contact Homepix and we can help you on deciding about your corporate event photography needs.
Depending on how big your event is you may need more than one photographer.
One photographer can cover most of the event.
However you may want another photographer at the media wall or red carpet or to get different perspectives.
For table shots one photographer can cover about 30 tables during an evening.
You may need a second photographer to cover the room if there are more than 30 tables.
The best way to shoot a table is to get one half of the table to stand behind the seated people on the other side.
Please contact Homepix Photography we are happy to help with your event photography.

Event Photography Brief and Quote.

Experience has shown that each event should be taken on its own merit and requirements.
Send your brief through via our contact page and we will give you a quote within 24 hours.

We can shoot events in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra.

Our quote will be competitive and our aim is to give quality service.

A typical shoot can cover the following.
Room shots, decorations and theming, tables, venue and food, guests arrival, media wall, guest speakers, presenters and MC at the lectern.

Event Photography Headshot Booth

Here is a great idea that has proven to be a big success.
At your next event let Homepix Photography set up a small mobile studio and take head shots of your guests.
Business people should get a new profile image every year and this is there chance, thanks to you.


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