Corporate Photography Prices

The First HourCovers Travel

$ 250

First Hour

Subsequent HoursStandard Rate

$ 150

Per Hour

Mobile Studio HireBackdrop Plus Lights

$ 100

Per Shoot

Post ProductionPhotoshop The Images

$ 70

Per Hour


Why do we charge by the hour?.

Over many years of dealing with corporate clients we have found that they are happier to be charged by the hour.
The first hour ( or part thereof ) is $250 because it covers travel to and from your location and basic post production.
Post production means we will only give you clear, sharp, colour balanced images that will impress.

Subsequent hours are $150 each this also includes post production.

So it is as simple as $250 for the first hour and $150 per hour after that.

Corporate Event Photography

All images will be given on cloud within 24 hours of the event.
Images can be given on the spot for social media or press.
Images will be uploaded to a shared cloud link within 24 hours.
Approx 100 images are taken per hour.
A deposit of 30% may be required depending on the job.
Parking is to be paid for by the client.
Yes, we shoot around Australia.

Cheaper Prices

Please be wary of companies that offer really cheap photography prices.
To have a photography business model that is sustainable you need to do the following.
Cover costs of replacement equipment.
Cover costs of Insurance.
Cover costs of a company vehicle.
Cover costs of Tax.
Cover costs of doing the job.
Cover costs of advertising.

Then make a profit with whats left.

We back our prices as being fair and sustainable.
Thats why Homepix Photography will be there for you. 

We endeavour to give a great service for your repeat business.