Website Photography

Your website photography is one of the most important assets your company has.
The old adage is true, a picture says a thousand words.
Show your potential clients who you really are. Images of you, your staff and your workplace.

Make sure your website photography looks appealing to the viewer.
Show them your staff and who they are dealing with on the phone.
Show them you’re a team with a group photo.
Show them your products where the product photography is outstanding.
Show them the services you provide in situ.

HOMEPIX provides;
Senior management portraits.
Individual head shots of staff.
Group shots of all staff or departments.
Images of your workplace or services.

Please ask for a quote and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Website images to view.

Staywell Property Group

Miller May Hairdressing

Novo H2O


Event Photography

Website Photography Sydney

Prepare for the photographer, make sure that all of the staff are aware that the shoot is on. It may take days to clean the premises so that it shines. Think about what images you want and have a run sheet prepared. Staff head shots may be required so make sure that everyone has  ironed and neat clothing.
Get the men to shave or trim their beards. The women should have their hair and makeup ready.
Vehicles with logo’s that may be in a building shot should be cleaned.
Keep in mind that not all shots will be for you website and may be used for social media or press release.