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Do you want one of the best photographers in Sydney to take your corporate headshots?.
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How do your potential clients see you and your team?, closing a deal may depend on it.
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Homepix Photography has a studio in Five Dock, however, we prefer to go to you.
Our repeat clients like their staff to get professional looking headshots in house.
We use a mobile studio, therefore you look great every time.
We can take headshots of one person every 5 minutes.
The background can be white, grey, black or blurred office.
Corporate portraits take about half an hour per person.

Find out how easy it is to get all of your team looking good.
We charge by the hour. That way you will find Homepix Very cost effective.
Finally, send your brief today and get started.

Corporate Headshots or Corporate Portraits?

The main difference between Headshots and portraits is the message you are trying to send to potential clients.
A headshot is for your website or social media. It most often has a plain background.
For a website that shows an “about us” page with a lot of people it is best to have consistency.
That way it is pleasing to the eye when potential clients look at your site.

A portrait, on the other hand, is usually for board members, senior management or sales executives.
The message you need to send here is that your potential clients are in good hands.
Different types of expressions can be take for future blogs and media release.

AIPP Accredited Professional Photographer