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Self Made Headshots

Take your own Photo.
Fast, Affordable, Friendly Service.
Let Your Team Shine.



At Homepix Photography we are experts in photo editing and image optimisation.
Utilising our extensive training in Adobe Photoshop we can now offer you the opportunity
to have a professional looking executive headshot/portrait
without having to come to our studio.



All you need to do is to send us in an image of yourself that you like.
Ideally this would be of a good/high resolution image (min 1000px across) and well lit.
This could be a photo taken on your phone or camera, ask someone else to take it for you,
or use a timer, no selfie with arms extended.

But importantly I would like to have a briefing before you do this.

I will then do our magic to this image – I’ll fix the colours, adjust the exposure,
remove all distractions and blemishes, add a few touch-up elements to make you look awesome,
cut you out of the background, and then drop you into a new background.

COST $77


If that is not possible to take an image and you have a good image of yourself at a party etc,
send me the image I will let you know if I can manipulate it in Photoshop.

But I will need to see the image first and then quote if it will take longer than an hour.

COST:  $77


All prices include gst