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Corporate Video Filming Sydney

Your website & social media deserve great content.
We shoot for small to large companies plus individuals
When it comes to corporate video filming Sydney
Contact Anthony Burns APP at Homepix
0417 224 565

Homepix Corporate Client Shoot

Conference & Meetings Videography

The whole idea of showcasing your video footage, is to entice more guests to book next year.
We cover VIP’s at the lectern and on stage.
During the breaks we can shoot Vox Pops of the audience.
Interviews of key note speakers next to your banner.
We show the food, venue and theming.

We edit the footage to give you a finished final product that will impress.
Your logo and names of key players can be added.
Music and a professional voiceover are available.

Talk with Anthony or Rose to see how simple it can be.

Homepix Studio Shoot

Fly High Compared To Your Competitors.

If you want something really special, that says look at me,
then contact Homepix.
We have a production manager that can make things happen.
We can hire models, large studio hire, full crew if needed.
Video Photography Sydney by Homepix Photography.

Drone Photography

The whole idea of drone photography is to give your potential clients the wow factor.
You may be a developer or an architect or a builder, you all need great footage.
We can organise drone operators and still photography.
Give your potential clients what they want to see.
We can even organise to have time lapse of a site.
Talk with our principle photographer Anthony Burns APP to discuss all technical possibilities.

Commercial & Industrial Video

AIPP Professional Association

It all starts with a vision of how you want to be portrayed, how do your potential clients see you.
We create footage that reflects how you want to be perceived, it’s that simple.
Homepix is the Home of Corporate Video Filming Sydney.