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Looking for Private Photography lessons near you?

We have over 35 years experience in the Photography field. During this time we’ve seen plenty of changes in the industry, most notably with the equipment and techniques used.

Another significant change is the number of people within the public who have a keen interest in photography and own an expensive SLR or DSLR Camera.

Owning your own top-end camera is fantastic, but are you comfortable using it and are you taking advantage of all the features on offer?

Professional 1-on-1 Photography Lessons

We’re pleased to offer our new Private Photography lessons  to photographers of all skill levels. From beginners all the way up to professional, there’s always something to learn. Our lessons can be done in-person at our studio in Five Dock or via our online service using Zoom, Google Hangouts or Skype. Contact us here to get a free initial consultation.


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What will I learn?

We tailor the lesson to you. Our Head Photographer Anthony Burns will guide you through every step to become the photographer you want to be, covering areas such as:

  • Getting to know your camera including the features and settings.
  • Detailed hands-on guide of areas such as; Shutter Speed and the Aperture settings and the ISO settings and more.
  • How to apply the correct settings for the shot you’re taking; portrait, landscape, outdoor, indoor, night time or day time.
  • Selecting the right shot mode for each occasion; manual, auto, portrait, sports, macro, landscape or night mode.
  • How to edit your photographs using Photoshop.

Cost of Lessons

  • Zoom, Skype, or over the phone
  • Beginners          $100.00AU     per hour 
  • Enthusiast         $150.00AU     per hour
  • Professional      $ 200.00AU    per hour                                                                                 
  • Fees must be paid in advance before the tutorial commences.


  • One on One session at our Five Dock Studio in Sydney, find us here.
  • Beginners         $100.00AU   per hour
  • Enthusiast        $150.00AU   per hour
  • Professional     $200.00AU   per hour
  • Fees must be paid in advance before the tutorial commences.
  • Purchase your session here

  • Once purchased, we’ll send you a confirmation of your lesson along with some dates and times to choose from.

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YouTube video

What equipment do I need?

Over the phone, Zoom or Skype you will need you own camera.

If you are coming to Five Dock you can bring your own camera or we’ll happily supply you with one of our studio cameras for the lesson. For many beginners, they want to ‘try before they’ buy. In other words, have a few lessons before they splash out on a new camera.


What about photo editing?

This can often be the most exciting part of the process. The technology available to us today allows us to completely transform an image. We can guide you through Photoshop to get you ready to edit any image you like.


Ready to start?

Simply contact us here and we’ll be in touch regarding your first free consultation. We can then agree on a date and a time for your lesson to start.